by Otis Taylor

Looking for a place to find volunteer opportunities, or are you a nonprofit needing volunteers. Look no further, at Give A Day Foundation we connect...

 Voluntarism /  Clermont

by Keith Whitacre

Provide communication and collaboration for organizations, businesses, civic groups, pantries, individuals, and volunteers that have a passion for helping those that are food insecure

 Food Bank /Pantry /  Clermont

by Stephen Shylkofski

Find, Feed & Restore offers multiple housing solutions for families with children including Housing First, Affordable Housing and Homelessness Avoidance.

 Homeless/ Housing /  Clermont

by Sara Meyer

Eight Waves builds relationships by establishing trust, to support children and families through our eight initiatives, to empower them to create lasting change in their...

 Youth Programs /  Oakland

by Ericka Santiago

Our program helps families identify and receive health and disability services for their children. Program services include disability screenings (for children from birth to age...

 Disability Support /  Clermont

by Laura Michalski

The Community Foundation of South Lake County purpose is to enhance the lives of the resident of South Lake County now and for future generations...

 Grants /  Clermont

by Otis Taylor

Champion Circle is a youth empowerment program for young men 14-19. This program was created by Give A Day Foundation with the intent to help...

 Youth Programs /  Clermont

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