Think Tank Meeting August 24

Key characteristics of local nonprofit think tanks include:

  1. Community Focus: They concentrate on issues directly affecting the community they serve, such as education, healthcare, economic development, environmental sustainability, or social justice.
  2. Research and Analysis: They conduct studies, gather data, and analyze local trends to understand the root causes of problems and identify potential solutions.
  3. Policy Development: They develop policy recommendations tailored to the needs and priorities of the local community, aiming to influence decision-makers and enact positive change.
  4. Community Engagement: They actively involve community members, stakeholders, and organizations in their research, advocacy, and policy initiatives to ensure that their work is responsive to local needs and interests.
  5. Advocacy and Outreach: They engage in public outreach, awareness campaigns, and advocacy efforts to raise awareness about local issues, mobilize support for their initiatives, and promote dialogue among stakeholders.
  6. Collaboration: They often collaborate with local governments, businesses, nonprofits, academic institutions, and community groups to leverage resources, expertise, and networks in addressing complex challenges.
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Aug 09 2024


4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Community Foundation of South Lake

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